Winter Pretesting Window Opens January 2nd

As you return back to the classroom after the winter break, this is just a reminder that the pretesting window reopens January 2, 2019 and stays open until February 1st.

Pretests should be given before students receive instruction and should only be administered once. The use of pretest scores, when paired with posttest scores during the Teacher Effectiveness window, will generate an additional Teacher Effectiveness score that is mapped to student gain.

While pretesting is currently optional for CTE programs, it is a great way to review knowledge retained by the student from previous courses to help teachers prepare their courses to allow students to be more effective during the current school year. It is a recognized way to document student gain. This documentation of student gain, as previously stated, can allow teachers to better prepare, ultimately improving teacher effectiveness, which is beneficial to the student, the teacher, local programs, and ultimately to Ohio business and industry.

If you need assistance purchasing, assigning, or activating pretests, please contact