WebXam Upcoming Deadlines

  • April 5: Student bulk upload window closes
  • April 9: Last WebXam Teacher Test Review
  • April 26: Field testing and Teacher Effectiveness window closes
  • May 31: Post-testing window closes

All of the upcoming deadlines may be found on the WebXam Calendar located at: https://news.webxam.org/calendar/

<!– April 27, 2018 is the last day to give field tests (field test list). April 27, 2018 is also the last day to give paired post-tests for calculation of student gain (under WebXam reports) & teacher effectiveness level (districts submit teacher effectiveness level through eTPES). The last day to upload student data in bulk is April 6, 2018. Past this deadline, school district staff will not be able to use the data file processing tool and will have to enter students individually. –>