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Construction Tests Available During Field Testing

Info: All WebXam Construction Field Tests have been released and are available for testing as of 1/28/21.

As October wraps up and we move into November, an important date on the WebXam calendar is approaching fast. On November 2nd, all posttests and field tests will be available.

During the shutdown as a result of the pandemic, some of the test development process for writing new assessments in the Construction Technologies career field was not completed. However, this process has begun again and we are happy to inform teachers that the following tests are available for field testing starting November 2nd.

NumberCourse Name
178000Construction Technology – Core and Sustainable Construction
178001Carpentry and Masonry Technical Skills
178002Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
178003Structural Systems
178004Structural Coverings and Finishes
178007Construction Electrical Systems
178008Residential Electrical Systems
178009Commercial and Industrial Construction Electrical Systems
178012Heating and Cooling Systems
178013HVAC Refrigeration
178014Sheet Metal
178018Construction Safety and Crew Leadership
178019Plan Reading
178022Construction Management
178026Heavy Equipment Operations
178027Construction Site Preparation
178030Principles of Woods Construction
178040Fundamentals of Architecture

These tests contain approximately 90 items, so it is important to schedule the appropriate time frame for students to finish the testing in one sitting.

When the shutdown occurred, we had a number of Construction courses that were not completed. These courses are not currently available, but will be made available as soon as they are ready.

NumberCourse Name
178006Concrete and Residential Masonry
178010Plumbing and Pipefitting Systems
178011Residential and Commercial Plumbing Systems
178015Telecommunications/Low Voltage Systems
178016Alternative Power Generation Systems
178017Powerline/Hi-Voltage Power Transmission
178020Architecture Design – Structural and Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing
178021Architecture Design – Site and Foundation Plans
178024Facility and Building Maintenance
178025Custodial Services
178028Interior Design

If you are interested in participating in the item-writing process for these courses, please contact us at:

Be sure to complete your field testing before April 23rd, 2021.

For more information the testing schedule, please refer to the WebXam Calendar.

WebXam Releases the October 2020 Newsletter

Released October 6, 2020, the October newsletter featured topics on:

  • WebXam User’s Workshop
  • Extended Pretesting Window
  • Posttesting available in November
  • WebXam 2020-2021 Calendar
  • CTE COVID-19 Information
  • No Pretesting for Construction Technologies
  • Share Your Expertise – Be a SME!
  • Participate in the Content Standards Survey

An archived version of this email newsletter is available here.