WebXam Retake Policy Update

Assessment Recommendation

Each student who completes a VT, VP, or VN (FCS) course should participate in an end of course assessment (WebXam) as identified in the program and assessment matrix. Completion of a course is defined as a student who sits for 90% or more of the course and/or earns full or partial credit. Students who were unsuccessful in meeting the minimum proficient assessment score for a course in which the student is currently or had been enrolled may be provided an opportunity to retake.

Retake Policy

WebXam end-of-course assessments may be retaken in the same school year by any CTE student currently enrolled or previously enrolled in a course with a testing requirement. Students should be provided an opportunity to retest after allowing for additional instruction time. This enhances opportunities for students to demonstrate technical skills attainment for the purpose of graduation and report cards. The policy for WebXam same-year retakes includes:

  • Students may take an end-of-course test no more than twice per academic school year (each school year begins July 1 and ends June 30)
  • A retake must be scheduled at least 30 days after the original assessment was performed
  • Field tests may not be retaken due to the length of the tests and earlier closing of the field test window