Item-Writing Calendar

Every year, CETE along with ODE, creates an item-writing calendar for the career field in which we are writing. This is to help us plan and schedule these workshops in a way that works for you, our SME. We plan around various things such as holidays, spring and winter break, and special events such as Career Tech Student Organizations (CTSO) activities.

Calendar dates may be revised during the year. The most up-to-date version is located in the table below.

We will be item-writing for Information Technology and Arts & Communication in the 2024-2025 school year. If you are interested in participating, please complete our interest form to let us know the courses you could assist with.

REMINDER: Agriculture & Environmental Systems is in Field Testing for the 2024-2025 school year. There will be NO PRETESTING! Please be sure to work with your administration to set up longer testing times as the item banks will be larger. Also, make sure to set up different measure for student gain, learning objectives, or teacher effectiveness as Pretesting will not be available to assess these.

*Calendar is subject to change; please check back periodically for updates.

2023-24 Item-Writing Calendar (* denotes courses that are CTAGs)

DateCourse NameWorkshop TypeWorkshop TimePathway
7/16/24Validation & Standard Setting(in-person)9:00am-4:30 pmALL
7/17/24Validation & Standard Setting(in-person)9:00am-4:30 pmALL
7/18/24Validation & Standard Setting(in-person)9:00am-4:30 pmALL
7/23/24*Introduction to Advanced Manufacturingitem review3:00pm-5:00pm
7/24/24*Introduction to Semiconductors and Cleanroom Processingitem review3:00pm-5:00pm
7/25/24*Vacuum Systemsitem review3:00pm-5:00pm
8/6/24Validation & Standard Setting(in-person)9:00am-4:30 pmALL
8/7/24Validation & Standard Setting(in-person)9:00am-4:30 pmALL
8/8/24Validation & Standard Setting(in-person)9:00am-4:30 pmALL