Subject-Matter Expert Resources

The SME is KEY!

Welcome and thank you for your participation in our Item-Writing Workshops! Your knowledge and expertise are a vital part of the item-writing and test development process; we appreciate you joining us as a Subject-Matter Expert (SME)!

When you attend in-person workshops, please remember to bring your reimbursement forms which can be downloaded below. Instructional or curriculum materials that can assist in the item-writing process are also encouraged.


Reviewing these short modules in preparation for the item-writing and/or validation workshops can help you know what to expect.

Why are tests important?
This 5-minute video provides an overview of the importance of end of course exams for Ohio’s CTE. This video also has links you will want to bookmark including our About the Assessments page and test blueprints. To get started, select the play button.

Creating Quality Multiple-Choice Items
In this module, you will learn about tips and tricks for improving your multiple-choice test items. Since WebXam end-of-course exams are delivered in a multiple-choice format, being able to test learners throughout the year using multiple-choice can help prepare them for the WebXam tests. This module should take 20–30 minutes to complete. To get started, select the image.
e-learning module on creating quality multiple-choice test items

Multiple-Choice MAYHEM!
While the previous module provides guidance on creating quality multiple-choice test items, Multiple-Choice MAYHEM! tests your test-taking skills when faced with poorly written items. Based on facts from Ripley’s Believe it or Not, this game will show you item writing pitfalls in action. After you go through the quiz, each item will be explained. This module should take about 5–10 minutes to complete. Select the image to begin.

Multiple-Choice Mayhem game

Virtual Workshops

Why go Virtual? Because it benefits YOU!

Virtual workshops are conducted over Zoom, so you do not to take time away from your classroom to visit us to create new tests for student success. When you confirm your interest in participating in a workshop, you’ll receive a calendar invite to the Zoom workshop. You only participate for two hours at a time, over the course of three workshops, making it easier for you to schedule. No need for a substitute teacher or alternate lesson plans! No more falling a few days behind!

After you’ve participated in the course workshops and we wrap-up, you’ll receive a stipend for participating in the workshops. That’s right – you receive it! Usually, we pay your school for your substitute and reimburse for hotel and meals, but in the case of a virtual workshop, you keep the stipend*. You also receive a digital badge for virtual workshops that can be used for professional development.

If you have any further questions, please contact Angie Stansell.

*school district policies apply

In-Person Workshops

In-Person Location
For all in-person workshops workshops scheduled to be held at CETE at The Ohio State University, the location is: 1900 Kenny Road – Columbus, Ohio 43210.  Click here for a map to CETE. In the event of a location change, the CETE recruiter will contact you directly.

Upon Arrival
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m., and the workshop promptly starts at 8:30 a.m, unless otherwise noted in the registration email you received. Please sign-in and obtain a parking pass at the front desk immediately upon arrival. Do not park in the Visitors Parking in front of the building.  

Lunch is provided on-site, and we adjourn at around 4:30 p.m. each day; we may run a little longer if we’re close to finishing. If you have an emergency, or will be late the morning of the workshop, please call Angela Stansell at 614-292-1881 (office).

If you live more than 60 miles* from The Ohio State University, you are eligible for a hotel stay the night before a workshop. Please click here to select from the university approved list of hotels to make your reservation. Ask for the OSU rate when booking.

If you’re looking for a place to have dinner after the workshop, or looking for something to do, please visit our list of local dining and attractions around Columbus.

Please contact our Business Office to see if this changes.

Reimbursement for Expenses

Before arrival, please complete the paperwork you received via email. Completed forms can be emailed to the Business Office; having your forms completed and submitted prior to attending will expedite the item-writing process.

All expenses will be reviewed at the beginning of the workshop.

CETE will reimburse for the following expenses for in-person workshops:

  • Lodging up to $150 per night (tax included) with a zero-balance receipt for the night before the workshop. Reimbursement will be paid for the hotel cost. You must live outside a 60 mile radius in order to receive this reimbursement. Please contact the CETE business office if you have questions.
  • One evening meal not to exceed $28. An itemized receipt that includes purchased food (no alcohol charges will be reimbursed) must be submitted with hotel receipt and will be paid to you. To receive this reimbursement, you must be staying overnight locally, and will not be paid if you drive to and from your home location.
  • A maximum of $150 per day for each participating instructor to cover expenses for a substitute teacher will be provided directly to your school if an invoice is submitted from your institution.  If you are not currently being paid by your employer and no substitute is needed, we can pay that $150 to you for participating in-person per day (or $100 for 2 hours, over 3 days – totaling $300) directly to you as a stipend for your service.
  • Mileage is being reimbursed based on a per-mile rate. Please work with the Business Office to coordinate this reimbursement.
  • Gas and car rentals are NOT reimbursed.
  • All reimbursements are subject to change based on workshop start time, workshop length, and other policies. Always be sure to follow up with the CETE business office to verify what you are eligible for relating to reimbursements.

Final Note

Due to ODE contract requirements, we ask that you make every effort to attend after you accept this invitation. Cancellation has several negative effects on this process. Thank you again for sharing your expertise as a subject-matter expert (SME). You are KEY in the WebXam test-development process!

Any questions can be directed to Angela Stansell and Ruth Ann Falconer.

Remember, The Ohio State University is a smoke-free campus.