CTE Pathway End-of-Course Pretests and Posttests

WebXam at CETE announces the continuation of an optional system supporting Ohio Career-Technical Education in measuring gain through a pretest-instruction-posttest model.  This document explains procedures for student gain measurement, which represents a shift from posttest-only models, using tests written to Ohio Career-Technical Education course outlines. Note that only course-based pathways have pretests, and rollout requires several years as test development follows revision of Career Field Technical Content Standards and creation of course outlines. This year, nearly 400 pretests are available.

The use of pretests is recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a method to document student gain, along with the observations and measurements conducted directly by the instructor and other local district staff. CETE, the maintainer of WebXam, is also an ODE Approved Vendor under Category B for the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES). “Frequently Asked Questions” is a document maintained by the Ohio Department of Education Office of Career-Technical Education. This document is located on the agency’s CTE website and provides more detail.