Monthly Archives: July 2022

Improvements to the Student Testing Experience

The testing screen students see while being assessed is changing, a view of the new interface is available here.

The highlighted areas of the screen are as follows:

  1. The test the student is taking and their current position in the test
  2. The question (along with the scenario and image, if any)
  3. The possible responses
  4. Quick actions to move to the next or previous question and to mark the current question for later review
  5. The gear allows access to additional options, such as a Dark Mode and an Emergency Exit, which logs the student out of WebXam in cases where testing cannot continue.
  6. The Submit Test button to be selected when the student completes the test
  7. Test Navigation allows the student to navigation to any question on the test with indicators about question status.  See the legend below for meanings.

WebXam is updating the testing screen to improve the reliability, responsiveness and usability of the tests for students.

Changes to Test Activation for 2022-2023

Starting this year, students will no longer use passwords to access tests in WebXam.  Instead, Access Codes will be generated when test sessions are activated that will work only for that test session. Access Codes are 6-character letter number combinations.

Access Codes can be downloaded at the end of the test activation process as a CSV or as a PDF. They are also available via the Activations Report.

If a student is taking multiple tests on the same day, the Access Code will be the same for each test.

Access Codes are:

  • NOT case sensitive. They are presented as uppercase for readability, but lowercase letters can be used.
  • Simpler and shorter than passwords
  • Active from one hour before a test session begins, to one hour after the activation window ends, outside of that time, the Access Code will not work.

WebXam is changing activation for the following reasons:

  • Simplify login for students in testing situations
  • Allow students to securely access accounts in non-testing situations
  • Improve the security of WebXam