Pathway Practice Tests

These practice tests represent a sample from all of the end-of-course item banks – their purpose is to simulate the experience of the post-tests. A percent score out of 20 is reported but the data are not used for other purposes.

Typically, 5-6 items out of 20 are from Strand 1 while the remainder address the technical content of the courses. Scenario and C2 (higher-level) items are included so that students have exposure to these item types before testing.

The table below shows the released practice tests by number, and their career field and pathway. CTE instructors are invited to use these tools to prepare students for testing. Teachers may access the Pathway Practice Tests by logging into their WebXam account and going to the “Practice Test” menu item in the sidebar. Teachers may assign the the practice tests to their students by using the “Test Activation” menu in the sidebar then selecting the option for “Practice Tests”.

Pathway Practice Tests for 2019-20

* Tests new for 2019-20

Career Field Pathway Practice Test Names ID
Agricultural & Environmental Systems Agribusiness & Production Systems 03PR.01
Industrial Power Technology  05PR.01
Animal Science and Management  08PR.01
Natural Resource Management  39PR.01
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Bioscience 46PR.01
Horticulture  53PR.01
Arts & Communication Visual Design and Imaging  18PR.01
Media Arts  19PR.01
Performing Arts  38PR.01
Business & Administrative Services Business and Administrative Services  02PR.01
Construction Technologies Construction Design and Management 15PR.01
Mechanical & Plumbing 27PR.01
Electrical Systems 27PR.02
Structural Systems 45PR.01
Education & Training Early Childhood Education 16PR.01
Teaching Professions 14PR.02
Engineering and Science Technologies Engineering and Design 26PR.01
Family & Consumer Sciences Family & Consumer Sciences 90PR.01
Finance Finance  01PR.01
Health Science Health Information Management 22PR.01
Exercise Science and Sports Medicine 23PR.01
Allied Health and Nursing 25PR.01
Medical Bioscience 47PR.01
Hospitality and Tourism Culinary Arts 34PR.01
Hospitality 40PR.01
Human Services Cosmetology 21PR.01
* Information Technology * Information Support and Services 81PR.01
* Network Systems 82PR.01
* Programming and Software Development 83PR.01
* Interactive Media 84PR.01
* Cybersecurity 85PR.01
Marketing Marketing 36PR.01
Manufacturing Manufacturing Operations 28PR.01
Law & Public Safety Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services 41PR.01
Criminal Justice 43PR.01
Transportation Systems Air Transportation 09PR.01
Automotive Mechanics 10PR.01
Automotive Collision 10PR.02