Pathway Practice Tests

Each WebXam pathway practice test represent a sampling of 20 test items select from all end-of-course item banks included in a particular pathway – their purpose is to simulate the experience of the post-tests. After completing the pathway practice test a percent score out of 20 is reported but the data are not used for other purposes.

Typically, 5-6 items out of 20 are from Strand 1 while the remainder address the technical content of the courses. Scenario and C2 (higher-level) items are included so that students have exposure to these item types before testing.

CTE instructors are invited to use these tools to prepare students for testing. Teachers may also access the Pathway Practice Tests by logging into their WebXam account and going to the “Practice Test” menu item in the sidebar. Teachers may assign the the practice tests to their students by using the “Test Activation” menu in the sidebar then selecting the option for “Practice Tests”.

A list of all released practice tests by number, and their career field and pathway is provided on the About the Tests page.