Scoring of Pathway Tests

In the modular Pathway Tests that were developed in the past, students had to take all modules to complete the test sequence. With the introduction of End-of-Course (EOC) Tests, students do not take all available EOC Tests in a CTE Pathway. Instead, the student takes the EOC Test for each course they are enrolled in, when a test is available for the course.

For reporting to the state’s data system, EMIS, only one overall Pathway Test score is used per student. The Ohio Department of Education does not collect scores for individual EOC Tests. So, the EOC Test scores must be combined into a single Pathway Test score. The following rules apply to this process:

  1. A student with fewer than 3 EOC Tests will not receive a Pathway Test score and will be reported as Incomplete.
  2. A student’s Pathway Test score is the average of all scores of EOC Tests taken.
  3. A student’s Pathway Test cutoff is the average of all cutoffs of EOC Tests taken.
  4. A student is considered passing the Pathway Test only if the Pathway Test score meets or exceeds the Pathway Test cutoff.
  5. If an EOC Test is taken more than once, only the best score is used in the calculation of Pathway Test score.
  6. If a student has one or more EOC Tests in field testing, there will be no Pathway Test score until the field tested EOC Tests are rescored.

The calculation of Pathway Test score can be expressed using the following formula:

Pathway Test score = s1 + s2 + s3 + … + sn

where s1 through sn are the student’s EOC Test scores (only the best attempt if an EOC Test is retaken) and n is the number of different EOC Tests taken.

Similarly, the cutoff score is calculated this way:

Pathway Test cutoff= c1 + c2 + c3 + … + cn

where c1 through cn are the cutoffs for the student’s EOC Tests (only the cutoff for the best attempt if an EOC Test is retaken) and n is the number of different EOC Tests taken.

The Pathway Test is considered passed if Pathway Test score >= Pathway Test cutoff.

What does this mean for a student?

  • If a student passes all EOC Tests taken, the student will pass the Pathway Test.
  • If a student does not pass any EOC Test, then the student will not pass the Pathway Test.
  • If the student passes only some EOC Tests, the student may or may not pass the Pathway Test. The passing status will be determined using the formula above.
  • The students is responsible for all EOC Tests taken. Scores from all EOC Tests will be factored in to the Pathway Test score.

Students should take only the EOC Tests for the courses that have been delivered. Taking additional EOC Tests will not help, and there is a risk of decreasing the overall Pathway Test score if the student is not familiar with the content.