Test Administration

Finalized pretest forms are available to all students enrolled in the corresponding career technical education programs. Note that when a career field set of courses is under development or revision that pretests are NOT available.

  • Pretests are offered in 2 windows – Fall & Winter (see the WebXam calendar for exact dates).
  • For best results and practices, pretests should be scheduled in the window immediately before the course will be delivered, not any other interval (such as between years, or an entire year).

Pretest forms are administered at a cost of $2.00 via WebXam (www.webxam.org), the online test delivery system maintained by CETE for posttests. ODE supported the development of the initial questions for pretesting, and the reason for the nominal delivery charge is threefold: 1) to support delivery system infrastructure, 2) to support over time item bank replenishment through a distance item writing option, and 3) to create a self-supporting, sustainable pretesting system. District personnel, including testing coordinators and others, can help you set up tests on WebXam. Because of the $2.00 cost, an order will need to be placed by district staff in WebXam prior to administering the tests. This is done through the ordering tab in WebXam when logged in with an administrator user account. WebXam will invoice participating districts after the pretest is delivered in the fall or winter window.

For more information, contact WebXam Support by email at support@webxam.org or by phone at 614-292-4988. You can also review WebXam Information Resources at https://www.webxam.org/Admin/Docs.

Once a pretest is completed, the score is displayed to the student and in the class roster report. The score is stored in WebXam until the posttest is taken. Understand that only posttests are offered at no cost to the district, because they are supported by ODE for measuring Technical Skill Attainment for federal Perkins funding and reporting (Indicator 2S1).

  • Pretests and posttests must be taken within the academic term, which is generally a three-to four month period (although some courses are delivered on a one-year basis). We will NOT calculate student gain for a pair of tests taken in two different school years because we want the time between pre- and posttest to be standard within the limits of scheduling.
  • We will only report student gain scores for a pair of pretest and posttest. The same posttest taken in two different years will not result in a student gain score.
  • We will be reporting scores on EOC Tests both for students and for the teacher overall.
  • There will be NO student gain score for a full Pathway Test Score – ONLY for individual end-of-course tests.
  • CETE/OSU will provide data output to participating districts, whose administrators will enter the scores into eTPES in a manner that is consistent with the Ohio Revised Code and ODE Rules.
  • Due to timing, districts who decide to use the WebXam system MUST posttest in the spring by the “last day for districts to administer posttests” date listed at https://news.webxam.org/calendar/ so that WebXam staff can return the data to the districts by the required time (usually May 15 of each year).
  • ODE policy (business rules) is that if a student takes a pretest/posttest combination, the district is required to report the score.
  • If a student takes either a pretest or posttest, but not both, then the student will not be included in class-level gain score reports.
  • Districts may have options to exclude students from the student gain measurements; for example if the student has low attendance or enrollment (45 or more days absent is the regulatory rule for exclusion of a score). Because we will be generating scores for teachers overall, there will be an option in WebXam for students to be excluded from reports. This is one of the main reasons to transmit the data to the local district rather than directly to eTPES.

Please note that the exclusion of students from reports in WebXam only applies to student gain reports. This does not apply to posttest scores taken for measuring Technical Skill Attainment. All students who test in a given school year will appear on the posttest reports for that year.