Oct. 12, 2016 9 AM – View the WebXam User’s Workshop

Hear about what’s new with the WebXam testing system and the development of the Ohio Career-Technical Education Pathway Tests at the WebXam User’s Workshop. You can learn how to navigate and use the WebXam testing and reporting system at the following workshop:

Time and Date: Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to noon

In person attendance registration has closed but you can still learn how to view the online session here.

WebXam releases the October 2016 newsletter

Topics covered in the newsletter include:

  • Practice Tests, Field Tests, and Posttests Released on 10/3/16
  • WebXam User’s Workshop on 10/12/16
  • Share your Expertise – Participate in upcoming Item-Writing and Validation Workshops
  • Upcoming Teacher Test Reviews
  • Teacher Effectiveness Survey Released
  • CTE Assessment Matrix
  • About the Assessments

An archived version of this email newsletter is available here.

WebXam Presentation at Ohio 2016 ACTE Conference

CETE staff shared their expertise at this year’s Ohio Association for Career-Technical Educators, Connections to Education Conference, held in Columbus, OH in July. The conference is the largest gathering of career-technical educators in the state of Ohio and is attended by teachers, administrators, vendors, and state department of education representatives. Click the links below to catch up on what you missed at this year’s conference!

WebXam Text-to-Speech

What is WebXam Text-to-Speech?

WebXam provides online testing for tens of thousands of students every year. Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP) may require assistance that WebXam must accommodate. A common IEP accommodation is that a student may have a reader available while taking the test. In these situations, a proctor reads the test material to the student. Continue reading

Ensuring that Students are Taking the Correct Tests

Over the past few years, Ohio’s CTE Pathway Tests have been transitioning to a new model of End of Course (EOC) Tests from two older models:  Modular Tests or End of Program Tests.  In the new model, a Pathway Test (for example, 45MC Structural Construction) consists of a multiple EOC Tests (for example, 178001 Carpentry and Masonry Technical Skills) taken by students.

During these transition years, it is important to assign the correct Pathway Test to students. Continue reading

Scoring of End-of-Course Tests

In the modular Pathway Tests that were developed in the past, students had to take all modules to complete the test sequence. With the introduction of End-of-Course (EOC) Tests, students do not take all available EOC Tests in a CTE Pathway. Instead, the student takes the EOC Test for each course they are enrolled in, when a test is available for the course.

For reporting to the state’s data system, EMIS, only one overall Pathway Test score is used per student. The Ohio Department of Education does not collect scores for individual EOC Tests. So, the EOC Test scores must be combined into a single Pathway Test score. Continue reading