Deadline for field tested End-of-Course Tests

Friday, May 1, 2015 is the last day for Ohio CTE secondary students to take the field tested End-of-Course (EOC) Tests for the 2014-2015 school year.Please note that this deadline covers field tested EOC Tests that are new in 2014-2015 as well as EOC Tests that were new in 2013-2014 and are in the second year of field testing.

For a list of these tests, as well as other information about field testing, see

Deadline for Uploads of Student Data

Friday, April 10, 2015 is the deadline for submitting upload files of student data. If you have questions about uploads, please contact your school district’s EMIS coordinator, your ITC, or WebXam Support.

After April 10, students can still be added manually by logging on to WebXam, clicking the Secondary Students menu item followed by the New menu item, and filling out the form.

March 2015 WebXam Newsletter

The March 2015 WebXam newsletter is now available at the following link:

Topics for this newsletter include:

  • Contacting WebXam Support
  • Deadlines for Testing and Uploading
  • Ensuring that Students Take the Correct Tests
  • Scoring of End-of-Course Tests
  • New Item Writing for 2015-2016 Field Testing
  • Subject Matter Expertise in Agriculture-Environmental Systems?
  • Open Sessions for Ohio CTE Pathway Test Development
  • Common Technical Support Issues
  • Reminder of Proctor Requirement Change

Contacting WebXam Support


WebXam is operated by CETE, a workforce research and development center at The Ohio State University.

If you need help, call WebXam Support at 614-292-4988 or send an email to rather than contacting individual CETE staff.

  • All emails to are immediately tracked in a user support system that is monitored by multiple staff.
  • The phone number, 614-292-4988, is a rollover line that will ring to the office phones of multiple staff.  If your call is not answered, you will be directed to voicemail, which is checked frequently throughout the day.  If you call WebXam Support for help or information, and do not get through to support staff, please stay on the line and leave a message.

Ensuring that Students are Taking the Correct Tests

Over the past few years, Ohio’s CTE Pathway Tests have been transitioning to a new model of End of Course (EOC) Tests from two older models:  Modular Tests or End of Program Tests.  In the new model, a Pathway Test (for example, 45MC Structural Construction) consists of a multiple EOC Tests (for example, 178001 Carpentry and Masonry Technical Skills) taken by students.

During these transition years, it is important to assign the correct Pathway Test to students. Continue reading

Scoring of End-of-Course Tests

In the modular Pathway Tests that were developed in the past, students had to take all modules to complete the test sequence. With the introduction of End-of-Course (EOC) Tests, students do not take all available EOC Tests in a CTE Pathway. Instead, the student takes the EOC Test for each course they are enrolled in, when a test is available for the course.

For reporting to the state’s data system, EMIS, only one overall Pathway Test score is used per student. The Ohio Department of Education does not collect scores for individual EOC Tests. So, the EOC Test scores must be combined into a single Pathway Test score. Continue reading

New Item Writing for 2015-2016 Field Testing

Ohio Department of Education

[Collaborator Ohio Board of Regents]
Career-Technical Education
Technical Testing Project

Ohio Secondary and Postsecondary instructors are serving on Item Writing Committees to assist in the creation of End-of-Course assessments for Ohio Career Field Pathways.  In collaboration with ODE and OBR, CETE at The Ohio State University conducts and facilitates workshops in which instructors write test items that address the competencies in the Ohio Career Field Technical Content Standards.

Continue reading