Reminder: Last day for WebXam Testing

Friday, June 3, 2016, is the last day for Ohio CTE secondary students to test for the current school year. Be sure to complete your testing on or before this deadline to ensure that scores will be reflected in the end-of-year reports.

After testing is closed, CETE staff will generate reports for field-tested EOC Tests with sufficient participation and final form EOC tests. An output file for each school district with students who completed tests during that school year will then be made available to Ohio’s 23 Information Technology Centers (ITCs) by June 10th.

For more information on the reporting of scores to the state EMIS system, visit:

Reminder: Last day for Field Testing

Friday, May 13, 2016, is the last day for districts to administer exams that are in field testing.

Please review your tests; if any of your tests are Field Tests, they will be closing soon. Field-test forms are available to all students enrolled in the corresponding career-technical education programs. The larger the number of examinees participating in the field test, the more reliable the results; therefore, all teachers and school districts with relevant programs are encouraged to participate.

After Field Testing is closed, CETE staff will analyze the data and select final test forms. Then tests will be rescored for all students who participated, and reports will be sent to the districts by Friday, June 3, 2016. For a listing of exams currently in field test, please refer to our “About the Assessments” page at

To learn more about the Field Testing processes, visit:

2016 Pretest Summary

Pretests with posttests are recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as one method to document student gain (up to 42.5%), along with the observations conducted against teaching standards (up to 42.5%) and additional measurements collected by instructors and other local district staff (up to 15%). Continue reading

WebXam Calendar Deadline Extensions

CETE and the Ohio Department of Education want to announce a deadline extension for two key WebXam testing dates by one week.

  • The last day for students to take 2015-2016 field tests has been moved from May 6, 2016, to May 13, 2016.
  • The last day for CETE to provide final scores with pass/fail indications for field-tested EOC Tests with sufficient participation has been moved from May 27, 2016, to June 3, 2016. Tests not meeting the participation requirements may require an additional year of field testing.

These date extensions will allow school districts more time to present material before testing.

To learn more about upcoming dates please visit the WebXam Calendar.